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What were you wearing

“What were you wearing”

“What were you wearing” is a myth often used to blame survivors and justify perpetrators. As a society, it has become acceptable to assume that an individual was dressed in a way that would ask for it. Through this installation, it is our hope to begin to raise awareness that “what were you wearing” is irrelevant regarding sexual assault. It is our hope that survivors would feel heard, validated, believed and to know that the assault was not their fault. In raising awareness, we want to redirect the blame from the victim to the individual(s) that caused the harm.  This installation provides real stories from survivors of sexual assault and replicas of the clothing that they had on during the assault. This installation provides insight into the reality that assault can happen to anyone, no matter your gender, race, sexuality or what clothing you may be wearing.

Although it has been displayed on multiple campuses in the Midwest since 2013, the installation gained notoriety in 2017 at the University of Kansas. We are honored to be able to share this moving installation here at Trine University during our Take Back the Night event, to continue to raise awareness and support for all those impacted by sexual assault.  The instillation will be on display in the University Center on Trine University’s campus. The display can be viewed on April 5th and 12th from 9:30 am – 7:00 pm in conference room 2. Trine University campus counselors as well as Northeastern Center counselors will be on site during display hours to support any and all impacted by the instillation.

For more information contact Nicole Johnson-Smith at 260-665-9494 or via email