NEC Wraparound


What is Wraparound?

The Wraparound process is a team-based activity that helps groups of people involved in your family’s life work together toward a common goal. The process is organized and delivered by someone who is trained to coordinate the team and facilitate the planning process. The team creates a plan that includes ways to ensure that children/youth and their families can experience success in their communities, homes, and schools. Parts of the process will seem familiar to you while other parts of it will not.



Who does wraparound work with?

Northeast Indiana Wraparound provides care for families located in Northeast Indiana.

The program works with teens and children having severe emotional problems as well as issues at school and home.

Northeastern Center serves as the access   site for families to engage in the Wraparound program.

Northeastern Center Mental Health Therapy Center Indiana

Reasons Families Call Wraparound

  • Family members are experiencing mental health or substance abuse problems.
  • Children are having behavioral problems at home, at school, or in the community.
  • Domestic violence situations.
  • Family is adjusting to the death of a family member or divorce.
  • Family would like to function without involvement with DCS.
  • Parents are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with the children.
  • Family has many service providers and doesn’t know how to keep up.

Contact Information

To contact the Access Site call: (855) 349-2920.






Helping Children is our priority at northeastern center indiana

What can I expect from Wraparound?

  • You can expect a care coordinator to contact you to get to know YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
  • You can expect regular TEAM MEETINGS.
  • You can expect to get copies of all plans and reports including your Wraparound plan and your STRENGTHS inventory.
  • You can expect your first youth/child and family team meeting to occur within 30 days of your initial conversation with your care coordinator.
  • You can expect that the Wraparound care coordinator may ask you to sign papers so that he or she can talk to other people in preparing for your first team meeting.
  • Throughout the process, you can expect to be RESPECTED and your voice to be HEARD


Wraparound Principles:

The philosophical principles of wraparound have long provided the basis for understanding this widely-practiced service delivery model.

  • Family voice and choice: the family’s perspective is prioritized and the plan reflects the family’s values and preferences.
  • Team based: wraparound meetings take place with a family team. A family team is made up of family members and those involved in their care (e.g. probation, neighbors, teachers, CPS workers).
  • Natural supports: family team actively seeks out members from personal and community relationships.
  • Collaboration: team members work together and share responsibility for creating, implementing, and monitoring plans.
  •  Strength-based: the wraparound process and plan identifies, builds on, and enhances capabilities, knowledge, skills, and assets of all family members.

Northeastern Center is a place for safe families to get help

For more information on any of our adolescent services, contact any one of the Northeastern Center offices listed below:



Auburn Outpatient Office
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2155 N. SR 9, P.O. Box 191
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Albion Outpatient Office
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Angola Outpatient Office
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