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2020 Groundbreaking

Northeastern Center staff and community leaders gathered Friday to formally break ground for the center’s new Promise House residential home and a new centralized maintenance building. From left are Joe Dowdle of GEA Architects of Muncie, Steve Howell of the Northeaster Center, Becky Calhoun of Drug Free Noble County and incoming president of the Northeastern Center board, Eva Merkel, Lakeland School Corporation superintendent and outgoing president of the Northeastern Center board, Susan Kamara of the Northeastern Center, R. Ron Green of Northeastern Center Maintenance, Jacob Kern of Northeaster Center Residential, Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe, Bob Goins of CPM Construction, Kendallville council member Jim Dazey, Dottie Fuentes of the Northeastern Center and Lisa Wolf of the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce.


KENDALLVILLE — The Northeastern Center formally broke ground Friday for its new residential building, Promise Home, and new maintenance building at 1905 Dowling St.

Ground preparation work is already underway at the site, but staff and community leaders donned hardhats and took golden shovels in hand for the ceremony, made brief by frozen ground, blustery wind and the 26-degree temperature.

Michael Steigmeyer, marketing services director for the Northeastern Center, said Promise House will be a 4,017-square-foot facility with eight beds for short-term care, promoting wellness and recovery for adults. Promise House will replace a residential facility in DeKalb County.

The new maintenance building near Promise House will be 6,382 square feet and the central hub for all of the center’s maintenance and transportation services for Noble, DeKalb, LaGrange and Steuben counties. The center currently employs eight staff members for maintenance.

Northeastern Center’s workforce is more than 250 to provide outpatient, inpatient and residential services to residents in the four counties since 1977.

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As a school we are charged with the education and safety of the children of our community.  This is both a wonderful blessing and a terrible burden at times.  If we all think back we can remember just how difficult it was to be young, and to face the social scrutiny that high school had to offer us.  Unfortunately this has not changed and those in our charge face the same emotional battles every day that we did at that same age.

October is a time of solidarity and prevention against this timeless and cruel practice of the young adult population.  You will be presented with challenges throughout the month to aid in bringing awareness to our and our students actions that could be construed as bullying.  We must work to face this eternal battle and guide our students to overcome its influence.


PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

National Education Association

National PTA

American Federation for Teachers

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education



A language researcher  in Belgium has recently (2019) used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to block words/phrases associated with bullying on their popular social media site, AskFM.

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