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Mood disorder Assessment

Mood Disorder Basics
Mood disorders are a category of illnesses that describe a serious change in mood. Illnesses categorized as mood disorders include: depression, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  About 20% of the US population reports at least one depressive symptom in a given month.

Mood disorders are highly treatable with steps such as medication, psychotherapy (talk therapy), and lifestyle changes. Many people find that after treatment, their lives are completely normal and they are happy again.

If you think the way you are feeling may mean you have a mood disorder and that you could benefit from treatment, take a free and anonymous mental health screening at MOOD DISORDER ASSESSMENT.

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Online Screening – Do you have a drinking problem?

Is Your Drinking A Problem?
Alcohol is everywhere, and often times drinking can seem harmless. It’s a social activity done in groups for a good time. It’s grabbing a beer with friends after work, celebrating a birthday, or glass of wine with dinner. But what happens when that single drink turns into 3 or 4. Or that glass of wine with dinner turns into a nightly thing, and it no longer serves as an accent to food and friends but is a necessity?

What about when you suffer negative consequences as a result of your drinking? These are some of the symptoms of an alcohol problem. Many people go to work every day and live normal lives even though they have a problem with alcohol, so it can be something that others don’t notice. That is why people are often unaware that their alcohol use has become a problem.

If your alcohol consumption is something you have been wondering about, you take a free online screening at SELF-ASSESSMENT FOR DRINKING